Sunday, January 27, 2013

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

Daisy Gamble has some unusual powers like hearing phones before they ring and making flowers grow just by talking to them. However, she thinks she’s just a normal person. In fact, her primary concern is trying to quit smoking in order to please her fiancĂ©. To accomplish this goal, she seeks the help of a hypnotist, Mark Bruckner. During their sessions, Mark discovers that she can regress into past lives and different personalities.

Develop Your Psychic Abilities Like Daisy Gamble

After seeing ON A Clear Day, You Can See Forever I thought it would be so cool to have psychic abilities. Learn about your past lives, know when people are going to call or visit in advance and of course make plants grow fast! In my experience some people are just born with the gift, and for some a curse. However, there may be ways to develop your own latent psychic powers.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hurry it's Lovely Here!

I saw this movie on cable when I was a kid, probably 10 years old or so.  At that time there were several first for me.  I hadn't seen a big Hollywood musical before, one that had that old "studio" feel, I also hadn't seen Barbra Streisand in her younger days.  Both of these of these things intriged me and opened up a plethera of movies and a whole new side of Barbra that I didn't know existed.

I love this song "Hurry it's Lovely up Here!", sometimes when I'm feeling down and play this song as one of my uplifting songs and it really makes me really better.  I also own this movie on DVD and will watch different scenes, particularly the musical numbers.


So remember when your feeling down, lift yourself up and get inspiried!  Surround yourself with things that charge you with good energy, get out in the sun, hurry it's lovely here!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Daisy Gamble, Such a Gem!

Quirky Daisy Gamble sees herself as an unremarkable person and has low self-esteem, even though she can make plants grow remarkably, predict when a telephone will ring or someone will drop in, and tell where to find an object that someone else is looking for. Her current problem, though, is her nasty smoking habit, which will interfere with the chances of her fiancĂ©, Warren, for a job with great benefits. She seeks help from a psychiatrist, Dr. Mark Bruckner, to stop smoking. When he hypnotizes her, she describes living a previous life in late 18th century England as "Melinda Wells", who died in her late twenties from circumstances beyond her control. Free spirited Melinda was in love with portrait painter Edward Moncrief. Dr. Mark keeps to himself what Daisy has revealed to him, and he tells her that she should not be ashamed of her ESP.